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Love for Luke Dorsey

As some of you know Luke Dorsey was recently diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer. The outpouring of love and support has meant so much to both Luke and Erin during this difficult time, and many of you have asked if there are practical ways you can help. During Luke’s treatment, he will be out of work, and Erin will likely miss work too as his primary caretaker. In light of this, the most practical way to help them out right now would be financially, so we have set up a place where you can do that should you want to. There are no set donation amounts, so just give as much as you feel comfortable with and it will go directly to Luke and Erin. Thank you so much, and please feel free to re-post this page absolutely everywhere.

Below is a link to the paypal account where you can donate funds that will be directly accessed by them:

Love for Luke Dorsey - Cause on Facebook

Please re-post this!
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7:45-5:45 work.
6:00-9:00 traffic to concert
9:00-11:00 concert
12:30 - sleep.

8:00-9:30 drive
9:30-4:30 work.
4:30-6:00 drive
6:00-12:20 work
1:00am - sleep.

7:45-6:30 work.

die of tiredness.
the end.
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lucy was waiting for me right inside the doorway when i got home from sister's house. this makes me happy. it's raining buckets outside, and this also makes me VERY happy.

wed: 7:15am-6pm work job #1
7pm - ? radiohead @ white river YAY!
thurs: drive 1.5 hours, 9:00am-4:30pm work job #2, drive home 1.5 hours,
6:00pm-11:30pm work job #1
fri: 7:15am-6:45pm work,
7pm - ? help sister move :)
sat: 9:00am-5pm - help sister and flapper move (respectively)
7pm - chicago @ chateau st. michelle YAY!
sun: sleep, sleep, sleep.

oh, and p.s., i want one of these scarves:

sleepy time.
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(no subject)

I woke up to the best smelling breakfast EVER! I was told not to go in the kitchen, and that it would be served to me on the couch while watching SpongeBob. YAY! Ryan made me the most mouth-watering french toast in the whole world.
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(no subject)

I had a wonderful weekend.

Friday: Hung out with Sister
Saturday: Celebrated Ryan's birthday with his family, went to Brouwers with friends for Bobbi's birthday, then went to the Mercury for a while
Sunday: Played house with Ryan, then hung out with Sister

This next week is going to be super fun too!

Monday: Job 1
Tuesday: Anacortes Job 2
Wednesday: Job 1
Thursday: Photo/Brunch Date (YAY!)
Friday: Portland for Stef and Tony's wedding! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
Saturday: Portland
Sunday: start going through shit and packing up stuff in preparation for future move
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(no subject)

We're hitting the road to go camping for the weekend for Ryan's birthday. Wish me luck. I crave with all of my being that I was more of an outdoorsy kind of gal - but I'm not. I need lessons on how to pee outside.